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A hundred years have passed and a new generation of benders have emerged. Avatar Aang has passed, and the new avatar has been chosen from the water tribe. There are many problems among the world. The benders have started to thin out. There are not as many as there once was. Higher ranked people have now started to enslave the benders for their own use. Can they be stopped? Will the Avatar save those that are enslaved? Where is the Avatar and why has she not already done something?


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  1. Open Character

    Age: 20
    Matsu was never a slave. When they tried to enslave her, she fought them off and killed those who tried to enslave her. Her parents happened to be in that line of fire since they were the ones to sell her out. A few coins were worth far more to them then their little girl. In the type of economy, who could really blame them? The girl has a fierce attitude towards those that have ever or currently own slaves. To those who are benders and wish to get out of their slavery, she does what she can. Her heart is in the right place for the benders, but for those that get in her way you had best watch out. The girl isn’t afraid to get her hands bloody to free a few people.

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